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Home Oldwoman Aggie Profile  
Passed awayFemale dog
Aggie would rather not participate in Pet Of The Week at this time.


I was Pet Of The Week: 7 August 2017 - 13 August 2017 and 29 December 2013 - 4 January 2014
Last seen: 4 mins ago
Age:16 years 2 months
Colour: black
Breed: mixed
Species: dog
Family: Oldwoman
Country: United Kingdom
Joined: 8 May 2013
Born:15 November 2003
Passed away:20 January 2020

Latest photos

Aggie of the Oldwoman familyAggie of the Oldwoman familyAggie of the Oldwoman familyAggie of the Oldwoman familyAggie of the Oldwoman familyAggie of the Oldwoman familyAggie of the Oldwoman familyAggie of the Oldwoman familyAggie of the Oldwoman familyAggie of the Oldwoman family

More about me

I came from an unwanted litter to a working farm dog. Was given for a Xmas present to a family, who did not really want a dog, so I soon ended up in a rescue centre. There I waited and waited. Then one day my new mum and dad came and took me to my new home

I was 6 months old and teething badly. I was at that chewy stage when I chewed absolutely everything. On the way to my home I sat on my new mum's lap and wriggled and chewed her hands all the way home until 2 of my teeth came out. We did not have any chews in the rescue centre, you see, and my teeth were uncomfortable and loose. We got lost on the way home so my new mum had to suffer my wriggling and chewing at her for some hours

In my new home I was terribly excited to have a whole house and a garden to my self. I dug the garden over and indoors jumped from chair to chair  so that my feet never touched the ground. I was almost as agile and acrobatic as a cat. I had lots of hide chews which I chewed diligently every day for the next 10 years.

I went to training classes, where I learned everything to perfection, but I barked constantly. Having completed the puppy and adult courses 3 times mum decided to give up because she felt that the classes were making me bark more and not less. We continued my training at home and so I am quite good at all the doggy stuff.

Now I am quite a calm and restful dog, but I still like to bark a lot on any pretext. I dislike other dogs, especially the neighbours' girl dog who is the same age as me. She is equally as stroppy, but her humans would never admit it. I have seen her charge out of her house and chase a passing kitty, which I would never do. I love my cats and chase them only in a nice way.

I also get called Baggy, Bag, Maggie, Maggot, B. I like... cats, people... dislike dogs... I enjoy playing with hide chew and eating anything...

I am special because... in spite of a miserable start in life, i am a jolly, happy, trusting and very loving companion.


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