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Passed awayMale dog
One of Rangoon's pets has already been Pet Of The Week in the last 45 days, and so Sherman has to wait for a while before being able to participate again.


I was Pet Of The Week: 25 November 2019 - 1 December 2019 and 7 August 2016 - 13 August 2016
Last seen: 14 hours ago
Age:6 years 11 months
Colour: black and tan
Breed: doberman
Species: dog
Family: Rangoon
Country: France
Joined: 14 July 2013
Born:18 November 2002
Passed away:20 October 2009

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Sherman of the Rangoon familySherman of the Rangoon familySherman of the Rangoon familySherman of the Rangoon familySherman of the Rangoon familySherman of the Rangoon familySherman of the Rangoon familySherman of the Rangoon familySherman of the Rangoon familySherman of the Rangoon family

More about me

I was my humans dream dog. They  wanted a doberman, decided to send it to the best schols and have even chosen the name,before they found me. Ad it took them - with many advetures  over half a year to find me. I was the only puppy  in my breeders house - there was also my older sister - already with her ears up - and my father - a big, very intimidating doberman.  And they decided to take me even though I was an angainly pup with ears glued to my head, too big  skin and more paws than body.

I was very timid and when we arrived home after a long drive, there was that big cat - sure of himself and intimidating. But the humans were nice and i decided then and there to be a very good dog. And i was - I learned to be clean in practicaly no time, did as i was bid, went to schools -ended up as the best student and later on a show dog for young pups. Still, i was timid in the beginning, and when - after some exercises in the garden, i was put the leash on and taken outside, I didn't want to move. I was packed into the car, driven some place (Now I know, it was really almost at home) and put out, leash and Mum. How I gallopped back to find myself in my nice home again!

Couldn't understand for along time, why Rangoon (that intimidating cat) didn't want to play with me. Later on we became good friends and I even acted as his body guard.

Also at school, I met my life  friend Tao, the cocker,who was a very dominating dog. We stayed friends until our respective deaths - 3 months apart.

I believe, i was a good dog, for my humans were very proud of me and took me everywhere with them - to town, to family, for travels and shopping. I used to participate in school  outings with small children, who liked to play with me. Never chased cyclists.

I was laso a loved dog - how much , it became visible, when i became very sick: Mum slept with me downstairs with open doors in order to give me the possiblity to go out whenever I needed, they changed the food constantly (I lost appetite, to tell the truth, i was a difficult eater)  looking for special delicacies, made short , slow walks in the dead of the night to give me the possibility to sniff something different than our garden, the vet cam home when i felt worse, and they never went on vacation that summer - they stayed with me. Rangoon also proved a good friend at that time - didn't leave my side and when the vet came to give me the way t the Rainbow, he even attacked the vet.

I liked to play with a ball on a string (must have lost  a hundred of them on trees), frisbee, football (I made a whole in each and everyone very fast), to run, to sit in front on TV with my humans patting me,

I hated dog hotels (until the last one, where I met a raving beauty of a Rhodesian Ridgeback girl and refused to go home) and went on hunger strike whenever i was put in one. And I was afraid of water. It took years for Mum and Tao to teach me to go into this wet, cold stuff.

I admit, I had problems with other dogs even though i was always friendly and wavwd my stumpy tail, Maybe they were intimidated by my size and color.

I enjoyed my life - pity I had to leave it too soon.
I like... being close to his humans, his cat, play and run... dislike bath, dog hotels... I enjoy playing with ball with string, frisbee and eating cat food...

I am special because... sunny disposition


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