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Passed awayFemale cat
One of Rangoon's pets has already been Pet Of The Week in the last 45 days, and so Mimi has to wait for a while before being able to participate again.


I was Pet Of The Week: 7 November 2016 - 13 November 2016
Last seen: 23 hours ago
Age:13 years 4 months
Colour: tricolore
Breed: domestic
Species: cat
Family: Rangoon
Country: France
Joined: 23 October 2014
Born:1 October 1986
Passed away:22 February 2000

Latest photos

Mimi of the Rangoon familyMimi of the Rangoon familyMimi of the Rangoon familyMimi of the Rangoon familyMimi of the Rangoon familyMimi of the Rangoon familyMimi of the Rangoon familyMimi of the Rangoon familyMimi of the Rangoon familyMimi of the Rangoon family

More about me

I was born on a farm (had a sister that could be my twin - only she was black, white and gray).  People who lived almost across the road took me in. I led an independent life. But then, the humans sold the house and moved out - left me behind saying I was to old to be moved. Me! Too old! I was about 10 years old at the time. Then the new people came to have a look at the house and found me in the garden with no water or food. They fed me and for a month, before they moved in, came every second day to feed me.

When they moved in, I found what family life was about.

I had my own room, toys - not that I used them - good food and caressing hands

They even took me with them when they were travelling  and told me I was the perfect cat.

And I was. I was an ecellent mouser and, while on holliday, I cleaned their summer house as well that of their neighbours from mice - and everyone was glad and congratulating me.

When they saw that tom cats wandering around bothered me - they spayed me. And then I began bleeding from my breasts. The consulted ver discovered cystes on all of my breasts on both sides. Mom let me operate on one entire side. The lab told us later, it was cancer, an aggressive kind, and that i was to die very soon.

Well, I didn't! Three months after my suregry, we went for a control. And the vet didn't believe her eyes - for the second side was free of cystes. The cancer just went away.

But as everybody else,I had to die someday - I did 2 years later as a victim of kidney failure.

As my birth date is not known, I choose one myself - when my new humans gave me a real home - it was in 1997.
I like... to be left in peace,chase mice... dislike other cats invading her territory... I enjoy playing with no toys and eating ...

I am special because... i was an independent cat with an iron will to live


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