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How to basics

The purpose of this site is for pets and their owners to interact with each other - to show off your pets and to admire other people's pets, to chat about your pets and generally have nice time. There are many ways of doing this, but here are some hints for new users, who are unfamiliar with the site.

What is happening on the site

The "Community" menu at the top of the page is the quickest way to find out what others have posted and to comment on their posts. Please don't be shy and do respond. Everybody likes comments on their posts.

Responding to gifts and messages

You will find that others send you and your pet messages and gifts. You will receive a notification of each these and you can view them on your own or your pet's profile page walls. The done thing is to post a reply on the same page and then click the avatar by the message and send a reciprocal gift or message. If you do not do this, others will gradually stop sending you gifts and messages. Gifts do not cost any money, you buy them with points, which are earned by your activities on the site. The simplest way to earn points is "Pat and Play". You can find this on the menu under "Community->Photos->Pat and Play". This page shows you the latest photos and collages uploaded to the site. You click the little hand displayed on the picture - this is patting. Then you drag a small picture of an animal or a toy over the main picture - this is play. Each of these activities earns you points.

Posting about your pet

If you want to tell something about your pet to the others, the best way is to write a blog. Go to yur pet's profile and click "Blogs" in the blue menu on the left. Here you can write about your pet's activities, health problems or anything else. Other users will find your blog under "Community->Blogs" in the menu at the top of the page and they will write comments. If you post on your own profile page or your pet's profile page, nobody is likely to find it there. If you need an urgent response, you can post on the home page.

Uploading photos

Photos of your pet are best uploaded into your pet's albums. This is where others are most likely to find them and respond to them. Posting photos on yours or your pet's profile wall is not likely to be seen by many users. Go to your pet's profile page and click "Albums". Anything uploaded there will be found by others via "Community->Photos->Pat and Play". Your photos will receive comments and pats and plays in your pet's albums.


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