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Passed awayFemale cat
Pelusa has already been Pet Of The Week in the last 182 days, and so has to wait for a while before being able to participate again.


1. Best photo (23 photos)

2. En el punto de la mira Pelusa (12 photos)

3. Mejor amiga (3 photos)

4. Pelusa (3 photos)

5. Pelusa cumpleaños regalos de amigos (6 photos)

6. Pelusa en el jardin 14 de enero 2021 (16 photos)

7. Pelusa Lucky Star (10 photos)

8. Pelusa Pet of the week (26 photos)

9. Por siempre en nuestro corazón (10 photos)

10. Regalo de bisounors (3 photos)


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