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Passed awayFemale cat
Pelusa has already been Pet Of The Week in the last 182 days, and so has to wait for a while before being able to participate again.

Gifts (1083)

a pink flamingo
My Angels gave Pelusa a pink flamingo 1 days ago
a cute bear with sunflowers
zoza1958 gave Pelusa a cute bear with sunflowers 1 days ago
a hello
Safire gave Pelusa a hello 1 days ago
cozy cat bed
Safire gave Pelusa cozy cat bed 2 days ago
a cupcake with sprinkles
Rangoon gave Pelusa a cupcake with sprinkles 2 days ago
a tufted titmouse
Angel Chloe gave Pelusa a tufted titmouse 3 days ago
a hi
Toby Esteban gave Pelusa a hi 5 days ago
a fragrant rose
Oskar Iii. gave Pelusa a fragrant rose 6 days ago
a heart with two kitties
Rangoon The Cat gave Pelusa a heart with two kitties 6 days ago
a red heart candle
Ada gave Pelusa a red heart candle 6 days ago


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