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a dandelion with a butterfly
animallover gave Oldwoman a dandelion with a butterfly 94 days ago
a refreshing cappuccino
SweetSyd gave Oldwoman a refreshing cappuccino 94 days ago
a hello
ups98 gave Oldwoman a hello 95 days ago
a basket of fruit
Blanche gave Oldwoman a basket of fruit 95 days ago
a beautiful red rose
vesnahunjadi gave Oldwoman a beautiful red rose 95 days ago
a chocolate birthday cake
vesnahunjadi gave Oldwoman a chocolate birthday cake 95 days ago
party balloons
vesnahunjadi gave Oldwoman party balloons 95 days ago
a sparkling fruit juice
vesnahunjadi gave Oldwoman a sparkling fruit juice 95 days ago
a purse with money
Eha2013 gave Oldwoman a purse with money 95 days ago
a blue open top car
Shahorik gave Oldwoman a blue open top car 95 days ago


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