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a sparkling fruit juice
vesnahunjadi gave Oldwoman a sparkling fruit juice 127 days ago
an autumn scene
annux gave Oldwoman an autumn scene 127 days ago
a congratulations
TiaAnne gave Oldwoman a congratulations 127 days ago
a cute husky puppy
WayneShead gave Oldwoman a cute husky puppy 128 days ago
an autumn basket
SweetSyd gave Oldwoman an autumn basket 128 days ago
trick or treaters
Didi gave Oldwoman trick or treaters 128 days ago
glamorous red shoes
Eha2013 gave Oldwoman glamorous red shoes 128 days ago
a ruby and diamond ring
Katharina gave Oldwoman a ruby and diamond ring 128 days ago
a pink heart cake
moka1961 gave Oldwoman a pink heart cake 129 days ago
a butterfly
animallover gave Oldwoman a butterfly 129 days ago


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