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Passed awayMale cat

Gifts (2708)

a bouquet of red and white roses
ElianaCT gave Masik a bouquet of red and white roses 1 year ago
a singing bird
Snorri Sturlesson gave Masik a singing bird 1 year ago
an ice cream sundae
Rangoon The Cat gave Masik an ice cream sundae 1 year ago
a friendship hug
Mimi gave Masik a friendship hug 1 year ago
rainbow gift boxes
Oskar Iii. gave Masik rainbow gift boxes 1 year ago
a cat angel with halo
Ture Svansson gave Masik a cat angel with halo 1 year ago
a rainbow
Alejandra gave Masik a rainbow 1 year ago
rainbow birthday cake
ups98 gave Masik rainbow birthday cake 1 year ago
a sweet angel kitty
Angel Kira gave Masik a sweet angel kitty 1 year ago
a green candle
Edison Relaxer gave Masik a green candle 1 year ago


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