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One for my silly injuries file 215 days ago
Starlings 218 days ago
The fox is back 220 days ago
Slow cooker update 224 days ago
Lady Chai's secret revealed 227 days ago
Slow cooker recipes 228 days ago
Shock visitor 229 days ago
Good news! 231 days ago
Think about me around 11am today 233 days ago
Not a bad attempt at all 243 days ago
Who's afraid of the big bad dog? 247 days ago
Earl Grey video 252 days ago
Roumours of a functioning heating system have been exaggerated 258 days ago
Finally reached the light at the end of the tunnel. 258 days ago
Getting bored with being cold 262 days ago
Do you lie about your age? 262 days ago
Panic 264 days ago
New boiler 266 days ago
Earl Grey getting breakfast 266 days ago
Earl Grey is back 271 days ago
More signs of old age 279 days ago
First daffodils 293 days ago
Snowed under 297 days ago
Spring has sprung, well almost... 302 days ago
Visit from Sidney 309 days ago
What happened to Tobey 310 days ago
Bye Tobey 311 days ago
I don't know what to do with my lodger 313 days ago
Earl Grey visit 314 days ago
Snowed in 315 days ago
Can't get out of bed 320 days ago
Losing my temper 322 days ago
The robots are coming! 332 days ago
I wish people would clean up after their dogs! 334 days ago
Unpleasant discovery 343 days ago
What could the matter be? 1 year ago
The joys of multiculturalism 1 year ago
Beggars 1 year ago
I am flabbergasted 1 year ago
No need to go overboard with the thanks 1 year ago
What a day! 1 year ago
Cupboard loves 1 year ago
Big chase 1 year ago
I was not expecting this 1 year ago
Update on Aggie Monday 1 year ago
Update on Aggie Friday, part 2 1 year ago
Update on Aggie Friday, part 1 1 year ago
Still waiting.... 1 year ago
Update on Aggie 1 year ago
My garden shoes are following me around 1 year ago
recent pages 12345 older pages


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