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No more Annie 218 days ago
Annie is worse 218 days ago
Annie is not well 219 days ago
Waste not, want not! 236 days ago
It's my fault 246 days ago
Annie has the last word 247 days ago
Calorie calculator 267 days ago
Louis Wain 273 days ago
Annie is having seizures 284 days ago
TV disaster 288 days ago
Humiliation at the doctors 293 days ago
The wheels of international commerce turn slowly 296 days ago
Wooden head 297 days ago
Do you try and save water? 298 days ago
I am off to the hairdressers! 304 days ago
Oh those pesky foxes 304 days ago
Ignorance is bliss 306 days ago
Should I buy a full length mirror? 310 days ago
Sorted at last 318 days ago
I feel grotesque 321 days ago
Can you eat 4 scotch eggs? 327 days ago
Disaster 330 days ago
Having to rest 338 days ago
There is no pleasing me 340 days ago
Annie had the last word 342 days ago
I feel bad 343 days ago
Strage goings on in the woods 350 days ago
Desperate measures 357 days ago
Just for a laugh 362 days ago
Remembering Shelly 363 days ago
Surprise from Sydney 1 year ago
My birch tree is still alive 1 year ago
If it tastes good, spit it out. 1 year ago
Fox invasion 1 year ago
More birdie excitement 1 year ago
Hello again, Earl Grey! 1 year ago
Taking liberties 1 year ago
Cruel nature 1 year ago
Dentist part 2 done 1 year ago
Annie is well, but... 1 year ago
Dentist part 1 done 1 year ago
Earl Grey has been very brave 1 year ago
Scary time at the dentist 1 year ago
Has punk come back into fashion yet? 1 year ago
Muddling along with Annie 1 year ago
Keep taking the tablets 1 year ago
Update on Annie 1 year ago
Annie is sick 1 year ago
The simplest toys 1 year ago
Feeling tired 1 year ago
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