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Spring has sprung, well almost... 188 days ago
Visit from Sidney 195 days ago
What happened to Tobey 196 days ago
Bye Tobey 197 days ago
I don't know what to do with my lodger 199 days ago
Earl Grey visit 201 days ago
Snowed in 202 days ago
Can't get out of bed 207 days ago
Losing my temper 209 days ago
The robots are coming! 219 days ago
I wish people would clean up after their dogs! 220 days ago
Unpleasant discovery 230 days ago
What could the matter be? 256 days ago
The joys of multiculturalism 265 days ago
Beggars 270 days ago
I am flabbergasted 270 days ago
No need to go overboard with the thanks 277 days ago
What a day! 293 days ago
Cupboard loves 303 days ago
Big chase 320 days ago
I was not expecting this 352 days ago
Update on Aggie Monday 353 days ago
Update on Aggie Friday, part 2 356 days ago
Update on Aggie Friday, part 1 356 days ago
Still waiting.... 358 days ago
Update on Aggie 359 days ago
My garden shoes are following me around 361 days ago
Things other people worry about 364 days ago
Aggie is waiting for diagnosis 1 year ago
I am getting my chores done 1 year ago
Go on, laugh at me! 1 year ago
Shabby chic 1 year ago
Ramblings of a hot day 1 year ago
Another fox 1 year ago
Tomorrow I am staying at home 1 year ago
In the heat of the night 1 year ago
Signals from space 1 year ago
What was I thinking... 1 year ago
Earl Grey getting bolder 1 year ago
Goodbye Gill and Fin 1 year ago
I need a new wardrobe 1 year ago
Fox 1 year ago
Oh no, my modesty! 1 year ago
Heatwave causing fires 1 year ago
Summer woes 1 year ago
Bee house success 1 year ago
Ordeal by hairdresser 1 year ago
Foxes foxes everywhere 1 year ago
Life's little annoyances 1 year ago
Advantages of old age 1 year ago
recent pages 1234 older pages


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