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Back for good!!! 😊 5 days ago
Done with the neuter! On with the meds! 👍😊😘👌😁💪❤️💜💖 316 days ago
I'm scheduled for neuter on January 23rd, please pray for me and wish me luck fwends! 🙂💘🤞💙💜 331 days ago
Hey guys look at me wearing my new costume/rabbit jacket! 🐰😊😉♥️ 1 year ago
Churos got adopted today. 😔❤️ 1 year ago
We are playing with our new funny tunnel cat toy and it's so fun! 😊 1 year ago
We just got our new toys that mom ordered online, they are balls, football, drum, a mouse enclosed in a ball and a bell and yes! We rang the bell! 😄 1 year ago
We just got our new interactive stackable toy that mom ordered online for us!!! 😁 1 year ago
I'm a star!!! ⭐🌟🌠 1 year ago
I will be neutered 😏 1 year ago
Mom finally got my sunglasses yesterday but...🙄 1 year ago
Rockin my new dress, it just got delivered by the courier a few minutes ago 😊 1 year ago
My new sando and bandana just arrived from Shopee online shop and I'm finally able to wear them! :) 1 year ago
Thanks for making me the Pet of the Week! :) 1 year ago
Sitting pretty with our Malaysian Mums 1 year ago
Minggay, the bathing kitty! 1 year ago
I am the jealous and possessive type, I don't want to share mom's love 1 year ago
Mom bathed me, I'm feeling so fresh now 1 year ago
I am always making mischief in the garden of Mommy Roxanne`s mom 1 year ago
Thank you for the gifts and pics for my most patted week! 2 year ago
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