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Another cat Meeting 172 days ago
A sad find in the garden. 214 days ago
Medicine is affecting me. 306 days ago
I declare it's - "Hold my paw day." 336 days ago
I've been to the Vet. 1 year ago
My 2020 Tuuli Calendar made by Mum 1 year ago
I've been sick & went to the Vet. 1 year ago
Mum said - I'm a rough lout! 1 year ago
Thank you for my Birthday good wishes 1 year ago
The Night my World went - Bang 1 year ago
I am "Breed of the Week" at my Vets Clinic 1 year ago
I met another cat. 1 year ago
Visit to Vet - Limping Tuuli. 1 year ago
I've had a sore paw 1 year ago
I met a Tabby Cat 1 year ago
I refused to get out of the car. 2 year ago
Photos of my Operation 2 year ago
I've been to the Vets. 2 year ago
Thunder, thunder go away! 2 year ago
I almost jumped out of my Fur! 2 year ago
Mum ensures my future 2 year ago
Meet Manu, my dear old Dad, 2 year ago
A nice Compliment. 2 year ago
My new Raincoat 2 year ago
We saw a Rainbow 2 year ago
Mum caught a Mouse 2 year ago
Our fluffy friend has become an Angel Rabbit. 2 year ago
My trip to the Vet today 3 year ago
Mum not real well 3 year ago
I lost some fur. 3 year ago
Mum feeling miserable too 3 year ago
I got a late Birthday pressie. 3 year ago
Halloween THANK YOU 3 year ago
Thank you for my Birthday Wishes 3 year ago
How can some dogs be so CRUEL 3 year ago
Mum received a good Report. 3 year ago
Frost & Rainy days 3 year ago
The age of your Pawrents (Parents) 3 year ago
I'm a happy Lappie dog. 3 year ago
I can do this - Mum is impressed. 3 year ago
Tuppence has escaped! 3 year ago
Help! Mum saw a Mouse! 3 year ago
Meet my Feathered Friends. 3 year ago
My Family is safe. 3 year ago
What do you do when home alone? 3 year ago
I have a new Food Bowl! 3 year ago
Tree cutting is scary! 3 year ago
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