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Im still in the shelter this morning 9 days ago
Im okay 157 days ago
progress report 202 days ago
it s been 6 years 256 days ago
I am not injured 309 days ago
I had a cat fight with the yellow bully 310 days ago
smacky paws just like daisy 314 days ago
its morning and Im still in the shelter under the deck 323 days ago
I want mom to touch my tail now 331 days ago
Im sleeping in an outside shelter in mom s backyard 361 days ago
Im still here 1 year ago
no more heated water bowl 1 year ago
it makes no difference to us street cats 1 year ago
mom wont see me for the next 2 nights 1 year ago
I finally showed up after 18 days 1 year ago
baby it s cold outside 2 year ago
cookie 2 year ago
punkun, the fat cat 2 year ago
how low will a human go 2 year ago
The reasons why I am the way I am 2 year ago
It was still daylight when I came to eat 2 year ago
I was so hungry, I came to eat early 2 year ago
I am not well 2 year ago
looking forward to playing with rambo 2 year ago
I can impersonate a tame cat 2 year ago
me and jack 2 year ago
meet jack 2 year ago
Im alive 2 year ago
canadian winter 3 year ago
an uninvited guest 3 year ago
the heatwave is almost over 3 year ago
some of us ferals are so very lucky 3 year ago
a potw needs to show gratitude 3 year ago
I escaped yet again 3 year ago
a horrible sound scared me last night. 3 year ago
when I see mom I run and hide 3 year ago
sole food and purrs 3 year ago
wilfred's yowling is annoying 3 year ago
I want to and then i dont want to 3 year ago
my first conversation with mom 3 year ago
meow meow meow meow 3 year ago
my pre pounce butt wiggle 3 year ago
do you have a favorite blanky 3 year ago
I left evidence behind.... 3 year ago
I left evidence behind 3 year ago
then and now 4 year ago
I inspected my room after the cleaning 4 year ago
I ended the year off right. 4 year ago
my meow is back on track. 4 year ago
I went to visit my old room 4 year ago
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