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Female dog
Rosabelle Of Tierras Calientes
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We have an aperitif together, it's more pleasant - April 25, 2022 104 days ago
I nibble a small piece of wood - 04/24/22 110 days ago
My first snow Thursday January 14, 2021 1 year ago
I wanted to show you the damage when I got to mom. On the bottom of the table, his new piece of furniture, and the chair bar 25/09/20 1 year ago
I chew on a small piece of wood - 09/02/20 1 year ago
I play with my deck Thursday August 28, 2020 1 year ago
Where the cat goes - 30 may 2020 2 year ago
Saturday April 04 I play with my deck 2 year ago
Mom (without doing it on purpose) to throw my deck into the hedge. 2 year ago
Finally a rainless day so I take the opportunity to play outside Saturday 07 March 2020 2 year ago
Now he must dry me 04/ 03/2020 2 year ago
I have been grooming and I am getting out of the bath 04/03/2020 2 year ago
The fly that scares me - 03 / 03 / 20 2 year ago
Rosa in her bath - 03/12/19 2 year ago
This Monday, October 28th I play with mom in the garden. 2 year ago
Maman arrive doucement. Mom comes slowly 17/10/19 2 year ago
I was operated on September 05, 2019 2 year ago
Despite my operation I like to annoy and play with Flocon. 2 year ago
Here is my beautiful transport bag - 13/08/19 3 year ago
A feather .... simple game - 21/07/19 3 year ago
With my friend Guizmo at Mom's friend - 01/07/19 3 year ago
Look at the Rosa rocket. 3 year ago
In the shade near mom with my piece of wood - 27 june 2019 3 year ago
I found a big living butterfly - june 2019 3 year ago
Mom keeps me awake because of TV - june 2019 3 year ago
So we went to the vet .... He said i had: the trach√Čal collapsus - 17 june 2019 3 year ago
I like to annoy my brother. 3 year ago
I discovered the garden with Flocon - Wednesday, April 10 3 year ago
I play and am happy. 3 year ago
I play with my brother where I was born - 03 april 2019 3 year ago
My 1 video - 03/04/19 3 year ago
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