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Home Oldwoman Annie Videos  
Female dog
Annie has already been Pet Of The Week in the last 182 days, and so has to wait for a while before being able to participate again.


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Snoring 71 days ago
Tilde is nearly playing with me 92 days ago
I have candles 119 days ago
The foot game 143 days ago
Tilde and me 158 days ago
Watering the garden 178 days ago
Diggng the armchair 196 days ago
The dreaded ear drops 196 days ago
Keep young and beautiful 202 days ago
Playing with my toys 223 days ago
Goodnight Annie 243 days ago
Playing with the fork 243 days ago
In the garden 266 days ago
Tilde being grumpy again 268 days ago
I like the cat toy 288 days ago
Please please play with me, Tilde! 305 days ago
Rabbit slippers 326 days ago
Playing basketball 336 days ago
Annie V cardbboard box 339 days ago
The drum puzzle 349 days ago
Playing fetch 1 year ago
Play with me mum! 1 year ago
Annie and the wallrus 1 year ago
Annie fights the doorstop 1 year ago
Annie digging the mat 1 year ago
Annie and the llama on a string 1 year ago
Annie and the old tights and bottle 1 year ago
Annie and the bottle 1 year ago
Annie and the llama 1 year ago
Annie and Tondo 1 year ago
The crab 1 year ago
Lead training 1 year ago
Eating my dinner 1 year ago
Chewing my teething toy 1 year ago
First day at home 1 year ago
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