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Female cat
One of ups98's pets has already been Pet Of The Week in the last 45 days, and so Pj has to wait for a while before being able to participate again.


Last seen: 25 mins ago
Age:15 years 2 months
Colour: black
Species: cat
Family: ups98
Joined: 29 July 2019
Born:1 May 2007

Latest photos

Pj of the ups98 familyPj of the ups98 familyPj of the ups98 familyPj of the ups98 familyPj of the ups98 familyPj of the ups98 familyPj of the ups98 familyPj of the ups98 familyPj of the ups98 familyPj of the ups98 family

More about me

PJ came to us from the backyard.  We don't know much about her but she had her 1st set of babies in our neighbors building and brought them over to us.  We would feed her and play with her and her babies.  Than as the weather got colder we tried to catch her to bring her and her babies in to live.  Well we got the babies, but PJ got out and left for a while.  When she came back she let us catch her.  We brought her in and she really enjoyed indoor living.  ON the way to the vet to get spade, her carrier broke and she got loose.  When we saw her again she was fat and ready to have more babies.  When she did she brought them to us to be in our yard and the woodpile.  This time she had 5 little ones.  She is such a great mom cat.  She made sure we saw them and could feed them all and play with them.  But she wasn't ready to come in yet.  Than one day she came to us and we took her in.  Than we had to get all the babies.  That was so much fun, but we got them all and took them inside to be with their mom.  They were all in the computer room and let them get used to that room and the other cats get used to them by looking in the glass door at them.  That's how we got to be one big happy family.

I also get called Pettie J, Moma Pj. I like... most everything... dislike anyone being mean to her babies... I enjoy playing with lazer light, robotic mice anything that moves and eating purinia cat chow friskies wet foods, fancy feast...

I am special because... pj is just a perfect little lady. she is very petite and a sweetie pie.


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