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Last seen: 24 days ago
First name:Daniela
Country : Italy
Joined:27 November 2013
Friday, 13 December 2019 20:58:08

I have 6 pets

Duke King Of The Virone House*freddy*♥ Duke Senior♥♥nikita♥♥tito♥♥ Scaramacai♥
If an animal can make a human being better then I can say that, thanks to my dog, I am better, I am more sensitive to environmental issues, more respectful of nature and animals, but I endure humans less and less. I think that if I had not identified with the dog, if I had not learned a minimum of canine psychology over the years, I would not have become vegan. For this and for how much I still learn daily from my four pows. THANK YOU DUKE OF EXISTING