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Last seen: 45 days ago
First name:Wendy
Last name :Lawrie
Country : Australia
Born:11 July 1960
Joined:2 June 2017
Monday, 16 May 2022 12:55:28

I have 2 pets

A lot of you knew my Samoyed Carter who sadly passed away this January 2021 and then my old cat Jabba this May 2021. I now just have one cat her name is Baybee and she's a Russian Blue. I will introduce her to you all. I hope to get another Samoyed in the near future and shall let you know when. I love all animals and believe they deserve to feel safe and happy. Originally I am from New Zealand I have lived here in Western Australia since 1994. I have a strong interest in Anthropology and enjoy meeting people from different countries and cultures. 


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