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Last seen: just now
First name:Wayne
Last name :Shead
Country : Australia
Born:19 February 1982
Joined:29 November 2016

I have 18 pets

CalmyStormyHoneyHopeEllie MccraeJewellsSweet PeaRoxieSophieAngel BonnyButchMiloBam BamPebblesBootsePenny 2Penny 1Precious
Hi my name Wayne i live in Australia i am Dog lover. I love all sorts of dogs. 

Growing up as a Kid i had a dog named Penny, i also had budgies named Bam Bam and Pebbles.

i had 3 cats also Bootes, Milo and Pebbles can't find any photos unfortunately but will keep looking.

I dont have any kids of my own so my dogs are my kids they love me no jatter what unconditionally 😀😎