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a police hat
animallover gave WayneShead a police hat 16 hours ago
an amethyst ring
Ada gave WayneShead an amethyst ring 1 days ago
a chocolate ice cream sundae
Princess Simona gave WayneShead a chocolate ice cream sundae 1 days ago
50 points
Oldwoman gave WayneShead 50 points 1 days ago
500 points
Oldwoman gave WayneShead 500 points 1 days ago
a special cake
moka1961 gave WayneShead a special cake 2 days ago
a cuddly panda
birutakimi gave WayneShead a cuddly panda 2 days ago
a red rose
Blanche gave WayneShead a red rose 2 days ago
spaghetti with beef sauce
Ht Angels Boys gave WayneShead spaghetti with beef sauce 3 days ago
a cute pink teddy in a tea cup
bbct549 gave WayneShead a cute pink teddy in a tea cup 3 days ago


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