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Watermelon 14 days ago
Deer Siting 100 days ago
Sad News Today 107 days ago
The New System 130 days ago
What a Mess! 132 days ago
Busy day 220 days ago
I went for my Mammogram this morning. 260 days ago
I'm back and it's Caturday 272 days ago
Liquid Diet 274 days ago
Meowmy is on Vacation 291 days ago
A Day to Remember 293 days ago
Ida has left 302 days ago
Ida is coming on Wednesday 303 days ago
Internet and phone problems 309 days ago
Pappy's Doctor Appt. 335 days ago
Elsa is coming up the coast! 357 days ago
We are back today 1 year ago
Happy Mothers Day 1 year ago
We are back 1 year ago
Grammy's been sick 1 year ago
Nice Sunny Day 1 year ago
No Snow/Ice today 1 year ago
Someone Pooped on the floor! 1 year ago
It's the Big Day! 1 year ago
Another busy day cooking 1 year ago
Busy day cooking 1 year ago
Today is November 11, 2020 Veterans Day 1 year ago
Beautiful Sunset Tonight. 1 year ago
What happened to my pretty day? 1 year ago
Enjoying the Warm Weather 1 year ago
Quit Day so Far 1 year ago
Sunday 10/11/2020 1 year ago
Monday Night Football! 1 year ago
Internet Woes 1 year ago
New kitten pictures 2 year ago
We will be keeping one of the little kittens. 2 year ago
I got a package today! 2 year ago
Our beautiful sunset yesterday June 3, 2020 2 year ago
No internet 2 year ago
Kittens are growing 2 year ago
Grammy gots to see the Momma Cat 2 year ago
They're Back!!!!! 2 year ago
Momma Cat Moved 2 year ago
Moma and babies 2 year ago
Guess What Pappy Found Outside 2 year ago
We got Toilet Tissue and Paper Towels 2 year ago
Is the Site Running Slow Today 2 year ago
15 Ways to help prevent the spread of Corona Virus 2 year ago
How to Wash Your Hands 2 year ago
Kind of Spooky 2 year ago
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