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First name:Lynn
Last name :Dickey
Country : United States
Born:29 July 1962
Joined:15 July 2019
Monday, 16 May 2022 13:08:43

I have 2 pets

I love animals all kinds ... but I have an especially soft spot for Kitties, Dogs & Horses. I have owned animals for over 40 years and we have been a large kitty family in the past. We now have 6 Kitties in our family 1 dog and 1 Horse. We live in the country and get to see alot of wildlife all the time. My kitties are allowed to go outside with adult supervision only all but 3 came to us only Tucker & Mouse & Finnegan were chosen by us. I work full time and sometimes more, so I do not have alot of spare time but am truly enjoying this site!! 

I have added a few pictures of Tucker & Pipers sisters. Mouse and Tuck were adopted within a month of each other...Dot was a stray we took in and Maizy & Daizy came to us during a bitterly cold winter. I am not keeping up with two pages very well so they will never have their own pages as long as I am working but they are all very loved. 

Just a few words on Tucker & Piper...these two had a rough start... Tucker was very bonded with our previous dog Shadow when she passed he mourned just as badly as I did..he did not want to eat or play and would no longer go outside. Then came Piper...oh boy he did NOT like her at first...he would stalk her and watch her every move..gradually got closer & closer to being friends. Now they sleep together all the time, play and go outside together and have a very loving relationship...which is wonderful thing!!!
Please take a look at the pictures of them together in the album on my page ....they are truly precious!!  dog


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