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Last seen: 3 mins ago
First name:Zorica
Last name :Jošić
Country : Bosnia and Herzegovina
Born:25 January 1958
Joined:29 May 2018
Monday, 17 January 2022 23:07:40

I have 47 pets

Prince TobyPrince ČvarakPrince FifiCountess VikiCount MikiCount ŽućkoPrincess SimonaPrince ŽivkoPrincess ŽivkaKing CickoCountess Mau MauQueen  SerenaPrincess MirkaPrincess MashaCount RikiPrince KikiPrince CvrleCount ŽućoPrincess MonaPrince DačoCount SnoopyCountess SusiPrincess AlfaPrince MickoPrincess LunaPrince LeoPrincess LiliCountess UnaPrincess TinaPrincess LanaPrince LakiKing  ŽivkoPrincess Mau MauPrince MikoPrince NolePrince RafaPrincess TacaKing DachoPrincess CrumbPrince TeoPrince TošoQueen  Miu MiuQueen BuvicaCountess TacaKing DačoPrincess LindaPrince Miki
For the best mom who always had a smile for me. Even though we are separated now, I am sending you a big hug and a kiss. Happy Mother's Day." />


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