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Oldwoman is a www.unitedpets.net administrator
First name:Marta
Country : United Kingdom
Born:21 September 1948
Joined:14 April 2013
Friday, 13 December 2019 12:29:17

I have 10 pets

I am a lifelong cat lover and a late convert to dogs as well. There have always been cats and kittens in my life, when I was young. They were not true pets in today's sense. They simply lived in and around the houses with us. The cats were my childhood companions and remained so my entire life.

Dogs in those days were kept only as guard dogs and were too scary to be played with. They were mainly German Shepherd types. I didn't really lose my fear of dogs until I was 20 years old, when I made friends with a kindly labrador. I gradually got to like dogs and acquired my first dog, when I was 36, after walking other people's dogs for 5 years. I have also always liked aquariums and have kept all kinds of fish over the years.

As a child I lived half and half in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, when it was still one country. After that I moved to the UK, where I have always lived since.