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BISOUNOURS is a moderator
First name:Christine
Last name :Demaret
Country : Belgium
Born:25 November 1954
Joined:15 April 2013
Monday, 16 May 2022 13:54:28

I have 3 pets

Kiwi  & WiskyRosabelle Of Tierras CalientesFlocon
Hello my friends ,

I only speak French so I use Google Translate to chat with you. I hope to make myself understood. In case of problem you can reach me via PET MAIL I will answer as soon as possible.

My passion is mostly dogs ..... my dogs of course.

But also all animals, whatever they are.

Nature .... and respect for our planet earth that allows us to live.

I like walking (slow) with my dogs. Swimming too.

  The music I'm pretty eclectic
but I hate "hard rock techno .... in short the one that does not look like anything at all but serves to make unnecessary noise".

I live alone in my house with my 2 dogs, my husband having died on 22/11/2018 ♥.



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