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The tour starts tomorrow. 1 days ago
Need your help and advice. 6 days ago
UP birthday 12 days ago
Gifts 14 days ago
Who will find new members 23 days ago
A lot of work. 58 days ago
Thank you for all friends 59 days ago
Internet connexion. 77 days ago
Thank you for participating in the Christmas forum 2018. 79 days ago
I'm coming back slowly. 89 days ago
Hello all friends. 105 days ago
My husband is placed in residence "retirement" specialized palliative care. 123 days ago
See you soon 139 days ago
I'm so very sad once again. 143 days ago
I noticed a change. 152 days ago
Last news for little Beo 166 days ago
Impossible for me to answer them individually. 170 days ago
Situation more stable. 170 days ago
I am ashamed of myself. 192 days ago
Golden cup. 196 days ago
Tour of the members visited completed ... here are the last 206 days ago
More members visited since August 11th. 211 days ago
Publicity 211 days ago
Members I have visited since July 16th. 219 days ago
My husband is hospitalized for a pulmonary embolism. 227 days ago
The gift tour continues. 236 days ago
Modem repaired ... here I am back. 245 days ago
Did you have a child? 259 days ago
You are very creative. 263 days ago
Do not forget to say thank you. 268 days ago
I'm angry 276 days ago
Distraction 277 days ago
Thank you for my husband 284 days ago
Video competition 292 days ago
Thunderstorms 294 days ago
Pizap 301 days ago
I try 304 days ago
Great week 308 days ago
Delay and update 312 days ago
Thank you also for not having forgotten me. 322 days ago
Recent news (26/04/18). 326 days ago
Thank you for all 350 days ago
Happy Easter for all members. 350 days ago
Recent news 356 days ago
Here are the news. 363 days ago
Just hello for all members. 1 year ago
My husband is at worst. 1 year ago
Critical situation 1 year ago
Funny 1 year ago
Valentine's Day 1 year ago
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